cgi product photography: what is it?

CGI product photography is the use of computer generated imagery in order to create a hyper-realistic "photo" of a retail product. Where previously it was only possible to render simple, hard-surface shapes, 3D technology has since progressed, and it is now possible to create hyper-real renderings of virtually any object. And as the cost of such technology continues to drop, designers are now able to use the same sophisticated 3D  modeling software used for high budget movies in order to create product "photography" for the everyday businessman. The end result exhibits amazingly accurate realism that is particularly poignant to online retail sales and for print media such as product catalogs.  All of the images to your left were made utilizing this state of the art technology. Can you tell that they weren't shot in a studio?



cgi photography over traditional methods: Why use it?

If you are in the business of online sales, you already know how crucial it is to have your product stand out among the competition. CGI product photography is a cheaper and simpler alternative to the traditional way of built set studio style shots. Studio shots require you to hire professional photographers and laborers in order to create an environment to surround your product and give it ambiance. That is assuming that you have the monetary capital to go beyond the typical "white background image" that most business owners find themselves using. Creating unique, detailed, and product specific "studio photos" with CGI is a much smoother approach in comparison and the different combinations of decor and styles for your scenes are endless.  It simply requires a medium/high  resolution picture of your product and its dimensions. That's it! Artistic direction on the owner's part is purely optional, and interaction with the images is limited to simple text input pertaining to product accuracy.






what are the benefits of Cgi product photography?

Essentially everyone these days can say that they have bought something online that they have not physically seen in a brick and mortar store. When potential customers browse for merchandise online, the first bit of information they receive is going to be the product thumbnail. This seemingly small detail plays a crucial role in getting customers to click on your product. This is where they are going to receive the information required for them to make an informed decision about their potential purchase. Getting them to this point brings them that much closer to the shopping cart which is where we all know you ultimately want them to end up. This is where the real power of CGI product photography comes in. It gives your merchandise the ability to "be loud" in a sea of simple studio shots and white background images. The images above speak for themselves.